Pommily Organic.

Pommily organic potatoes are cultivated and packaged with love and passion especially for you at our organic farm. “Being farmers is a way of life for us: organic farming is a conscious choice”. At our farm, the most delicious organic potatoes have all the time they need to grow on the best clay soil.



The Netherlands is an enormous garden of fruitful clay soil, on which organic potatoes grow to become strong, healthy potatoes! Over the years the grower has to make sure the soil remains in good condition. We are able to do this because we are gaining more and more knowledge of the soil and the organisms in it.

We select our Pommily Organic potatoes for the highest quality and flavour. By packaging Pommily Organic at our own organic farm, we ensure a short chain with as little transport as possible. The search for a balance in nature and being environmentally aware are, after all, our main priorities. That is why Pommily Organic potatoes are not washed. In this way we take the environment into consideration and you are able to store the potatoes for longer.

This results in naturally tasting potatoes, cultivated especially for you. Fresh, consistent, the whole year round! Taste the difference! Potatoes are a source of fibre and vitamin B6. Choose potatoes and you choose healthy!