Potato dish with leeks and winter carrots



Ingredients (4 people)
• 1kg waxy potatoes
• 2 large leeks halved lengthways and sliced
• 600g beef mince (or sausages)
• 2 beef stock cubes
• 2 garlic cloves
• 1 large onion halved and sliced
• 2 winter carrots
• 175g grated cheese
• 200ml creme fraiche
• 200ml creme fraiche

Preparation time • 30-40 minutes


Preheat the oven to 200°C. Peel the potatoes and winter carrots. Cut into 5mm slices. Boil together in water until al dente. Fry the mince without butter/oil until cooked. Add the onion, leek and garlic. Dissolve the stock cubes in 100ml of boiling water. Add the stock and creme fraiche to the dish. Stir and allow to simmer. Grease an oven dish with butter or oil. Layer half the potato & carrot slices on the bottom, then add a layer of the mince-leek mixture followed by the rest of the potato & carrot slices. Finish off with the grated cheese. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes until done.

Tip: Potatoes can be cooked even quicker in the microwave

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